Better, stronger, faster websites built with care.

passive.ly LLC is a full service web development company specializing in performance optimization and front end development. It was founded out of passion and frustration. Passion for fast, beautiful websites. Frustration with the outdated 9-to-5 office lifestyle.


passive.ly’s founder, Dan DeFelippi, grew up with the agonizingly slow speed of dialup on bad phone lines in the 90’s. When Yahoo and Google started championing fast websites Dan listened.


Frustrated with the demands of the antiquated 9-to-5 office job, Dan sought a different route. A computerized service business, like web development, doesn’t need a physical presence. It can easily live in the cloud. With a virtualized existence passive.ly can be run anywhere at anytime, all that’s needed is an internet connection. Without the restrictions of office life passive.ly is free to engage the best freelancers, virtual assistants, and employees from around the world.